“I Don’t Want to Use My Cultural Identity Just to Survive in America!” Published

The chapter has finally been published! I was so glad to learn that mine had been selected as the very first chapter of the book!!! Thank you, editors, Drs. Shin, Lim, Lee, and Han!!!

Song, B. (2022). I don’t want to use my cultural identity just to survive in America! In R. Shin, M. Lim, O. Lee, & S. Han (Eds.), Counternarratives from Asian American art educators: Identities, pedagogies, and practice beyond the Western Paradigm. Routledge. https://doi.org/10.4324/9781003222293-3

The book link: https://www.routledge.com/Counternarratives-from-Asian-American-Art-Educators-Identities-Pedagogies/Shin-Lim-Lee-Han/p/book/9781032119519#

The Google Book link: https://www.google.com/books/edition/Counternarratives_from_Asian_American_Ar/h9iYEAAAQBAJ?hl=en

“Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Technologies for Art Education: The Perceptions and Responses of Undergraduate Students” Published

This new article has just been published!Song, B. (2022). Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies for art education: The perceptions and responses of undergraduate students. Visual Inquiry: Learning and Teaching Art. https://doi.org/10.1386/vi_00061_1

Old Korea from the Eyes of Four Western Artists Exhibitions

On August and September, 2022, I co-curated the four exhibitions titled “Old Korea from the Eyes of Four Western Artists” at ECU with Dr. Jin-Ae Kang at School of Communication. Thank you Dr. Young-Dahl Song and Dr. Kang for the wonderful opportunity to learn and grow by exploring the hidden part of history!


“Exploring online art education: Multi-institutional perspectives and practices” Published

The following article has been published!

Song, B., & Lim, K. (2022). Exploring online art education: Multi-institutional perspectives and practices. International Journal of Education through Art, 18(3). https://doi.org/10.1386/eta_00104_1

Art Project Creation Process. Graphic created by the authors.

Two Articles Published in the Multicultural Perspectives Journal

Two articles have been published in the “Centering the Experiences of Asian American Students and Teachers” issue of the Multicultural Perspectives Journal:

Song, B. (2022). Art as radical act: Teenagers revisit identity, diversity, and social justice through contemporary art. Multicultural Perspectives. https://doi.org/10.1080/15210960.2022.2067855

Hair Landscape II. Yuni Kim Lang, 2013
Student’s drawing created in response to the JR’s Giant Baby Project, Courtesy of the student artist.

Shin, R., Bae, J., & Song, B. (2022).Anti-Asian racism and racial justice in the classroom. Multicultural Perspectives. https://doi.org/10.1080/15210960.2022.2067859

Student’s Artwork Hate Is a Virus Love Each Other, watercolor on paper, 2021. Courtesy of the student artist.

“Alone Together? Fighting Student Isolation in Online Art Education” Published in Art Education

This article has been published in the “Experiences in Distance and Isolation: Art Stories From the Pandemic” special section of the Art Education Journal:

Song, B. (2022). Alone together? Fighting student isolation in online art education. Art Education. https://doi.org/10.1080/00043125.2022.2053460

Theresa Hill’s Painting. “In order to describe my frustration of my isolation, I have shown two people yelling with the virus in between them, which describes how many relationships I’ve lost due to the virus coming in between us.”

Lecture for the Appreciation: Rebuilding a Sense of Community Through (Visual) Stories Series

It was an honor to give a lecture together with Drs. Shin and Bae at California State University Fresno in March 2022. Thank you, Dr. Ahran Koo, for inviting us!

Critical conversations about anti-Asian racism and racial justice in the art classroom. Invited Guest Speaker Lecture and Workshop (Ryan Shin, Jaehan Bae, & Borim Song). The Appreciation: Rebuilding a Sense of Community through (Visual) Stories series. California State University Fresno and The California Arts Project, Virtual.

Presentations in Summer and Fall 2022

In May and June 2022, I gave the following presentations at international and national conferences:

Song, B., & Lim, K. (2022, June). Cultivating human potential in virtual art studios. International Symposium on Electronic Art, online presentation, Barcelona, Spain.

Song, B. (2022, May). Promoting racial justice in art classroom. Across Borders IX: Freedom of Expression: Communication, Identity and Culture Conference, Greenville, North Carolina.

Song, B., & Kang, J. (2022, May). Exploring old Korea through the artwork of Elizabeth Keith. Across Borders IX: Freedom of Expression: Communication, Identity and Culture Conference, Greenville, North Carolina.

Song, B. (2022, May). Empowering students through art and writing: Social justice explored through online events and discussions. Computer and Writing Conference: Practicing Digital Activism, Greenville, North Carolina.

In this fall, presentations at the following conferences are scheduled. I hope to see you at some of these venues!!!

LD4 Conference: Virtual (7/11-15, 2022)

Engaged Scholarship Consortium: Athens, Georgia (9/21-23, 2022)

Digitally Engaged Learning Conference: Virtual (9/22-24, 2022)

North Carolina Art Education Association Professional Development Conference: Wilmington, North Carolina (10/27-30, 2022)

“Isolation, Connection, and Embracement: Exploring Students’ Perspectives on Virtual Art Education During the Pandemic” Published

I have published the following co-authored article. So exciting!

Song, B., & Lim, K. (2022). Isolation, connection, and embracement: Exploring students’ perspectives on virtual art education during the pandemic. Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy. https://doi.org/10.1080/15505170.2022.2075496