Artist Statement

I am interested in finding my inner self and listening to my inner voice through visual art making. For this artistic journey, I have been working on images of my feet since 1995. Interested in self-image as a path to creativity, I painted and photographed my face, my body, my hands, and my feet. Then, my feet became my focus as a representation of my inner self. And I have also been trying hard to visually show the interaction between me and the world I live in. I relate the subject of feet to the ground where we stand. We stand balanced thanks to the support of our feet. Physically, we can control our body and not fall down using our feet. While I live my everyday life, I sometimes feel like falling down—failing in living my life. Thus, my feet, on which I stand on the ground, are a tool for living and feeling all right. I paint my feet, various features of them—relaxing, standing large, small, and so on. I think I am searching for the core of my life by working on the visual image of my feet.

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